Flea Bites

What are Fleabites? Fleabites have red bumps resultant of bites suddenly appear on your skin, there are two major culprits.

Strabismus Surgery

What is Strabismus Surgery? Strabismus surgery is a surgical procedure that helps to tighten or loosen the eye muscles in

Lymph Nodes

What are Lymph Nodes? Lymph nodes are oval-shaped organs found throughout your body and are a component of the lymphatic

White Poop

What is White Poop? Stool may change its color, but passing white poop should not be taken as normal. Having

African Sleeping Sickness

What Is African Sleeping Sickness? African sleeping sickness is also called trypanosomiasis. It is a parasitic disease that affects humans due

Croup Cough

What is Croup Cough? Croup Cough is an infection commonly seen in young children below the age of 5 or

Scarsdale Diet

What is Scarsdale Diet? Scarsdale diet is a diet plan designed to help people reduce weight. It was developed by


What Is Polyphagia? Does your stomach grumble even after you’ve just eaten? Ever felt like you can’t eat enough even

Numbness In Fingers

What Is Numbness In Fingers? Numbness In Fingers Hands are equipped with very sensitive touch receptors that use a vast


What Is Nyctophobia? Nyctophobia is where a person fears darkness and night. This fear can be promoted by a person’s